Mercedes C 300 Coupe 2018




Mercedes C 300 Coupe

Dubai VIP Limo car rental offer you the sportiness,  Mercedes C 300 Coupe vehicle, it is unmistakably expressed by Mercedes with distinctive C300 body styling and its dynamic features. Rent Mercedes C 300 Coupé at Dubai VIP Limo and let it makes you show, its unique personality from any angle. Rent Dubai VIP Limo car rental Mercedes C300 Coupe in Dubai and express your distinctive personality.

Rent Mercedes C 300 Coupé at Dubai VIP Limo car rental

However you gaze at the exclusive detail, stroke the soft leather, and marvel at the superlative manufacturing quality, all of the instruments and displays have a top-class glazed finish. The Touch Control buttons react to your every movement as if they could read your mind

Seductive lines slice the wind and the clutter of ordinary cars. Sculpted muscle and a confident stance put emotion into motion. Athletic yet elegant, clean yet impeccably detailed, it’s pure Mercedes-Benz. And like nothing you’ve ever seen.